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Cross-Border Research on
Functional Analysis and Differential Equations

Project registration no: HURO/1001/264/2.2.3

Welcome to the website of the Project entitled "Cross-Border Research on Functional Analysis and Differential Equations" (REFADE). This project involves a bilateral cooperation (partners: West University of Timisoara - Romania and University of Szeged - Hungary) within the framework of the Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 (, The kind financial support of the European Union (by the European Regional Development Fund), as well as of our two countries is acknowledged with gratitude.

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A summary of the project objectives, activities and target groups is included in the Project Banner which is available here.

Project Summary

Two cross-border institutions, West University of Timisoara and University of Szeged, initiated a joint project on the level of two research groups working on modern and interconnected major areas as functional analysis and differential equations. The general objective of this partnership is to strengthen the interuniversity collaboration in order to increase the scientific qualification of the staff and improve the quality of education. Specifically, the aims of this cooperation are to harmonize and improve the two areas of mathematical research, to develop the professional skills and competencies of young researchers in the cross-border area and to increase the international visibility of the participating institutions. Research stages from one side of the border to another will enrich the professional knowledge of the two groups, revitalize the link between the two domains and provide larger sets of applications. The workshops we organize will provide an overview on our results and help us to establish interconnections and future joint developments. The training courses we propose will improve the capacities of our students helping them to better integrate into the labor market.