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AP4: Exchanges of Experience and Joint Training for Young / Senior Researchers

In this period the two researchers gave the following presentations:

In this period the two researchers gave the following presentations:

In the period June 27 - 30, 2012, three young researchers (Raluca Mureşan, Cristina Praţa and Claudia Zaharia), members of the Lead Partner (West University of Timisoara) implementing team visited the cross-border partner institution (University of Szeged) for a stage of study.

On the first day (June 27, 2012) they met professor Gergely Röst and the EPIDELAY (Delay Differential Equations and Mathematical Biology) research group. Several discussions were engaged on their recent research work. More precisely they studied models for the human influenza in terms of some asymptotic properties of evolution equations. The members of the EPIDELAY group expressed their interest for a posible future joint collaboration with the Timisoara team on the asymptotic properties of differentiable systems with applications in mathematical biology.

On June 28, 2012, our three Ph.D. students visited the university library, where they spent several hours documenting on current research results related to their theses. They studied several articles and the famous books of L. Barreira, C. Valls - Ordinary Differential Equations: Qualitative Theory (Graduate Studies in Mathematics 137, American Mathematical Society, 2012), respectively L. Barreira - Dimension and Recurrence in Hyperbolic Dynamics (Progress in Mathematics 272, Birkhäuser, 2008). On the same day they attended the weekly scientific seminar of the EPIDELAY group.

During this period our young researchers had the opportunity to participate at the international meeting "CSM - The Second Conference of PhD Students in Mathematics" ( The following talks were given:

  • Raluca Mureşan - Uniform exponential stability for evolution families that are not exponentially bounded

  • Cristina Praţa - A version of a theorem of A. M. Lyapunov for the stability and instability of evolution families in Banach spaces

  • Claudia Zaharia - A characterization of the completeness of random normed spaces

In the period November 26-30, 2012 three young researchers (Ábel Garab, György Gehér and Attila Szalai), members of the Project Partner (University of Szeged), visited their cross-border institution (West University of Timisoara) for stages of study.

Ábel Garab, together with his thesis coordinator (Gergely Röst), participated to several discussions with the differential equations group. The two young members of the functional analysis group from Szeged (György Gehér and Attila Szalai; PhD students of Professor László Kérchy) studied, under the coordination of A. Popovici, D. Popovici and N. Suciu, various problems related to Hilbert C*-modules (Banach spaces endowed with a complete inner product having values in a C*-algebra), Wold-type decompositions and dilation results on these objects, as well as some applications to prediction and K-theory.

  • Here are some photos from their stage: